The Best Places To Fish In The USA

If you’re looking for the best places to fish in the USA, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we shall highlight several of the top fishing locations in the United States, so you will soon know where to visit if you’re looking for an incredible fishing vacation that you will remember for a lifetime. Keeping this in mind, let’s explore further.

rainbow troutLocation 1 – Glenwood Springs, Colorado

When you’re looking for blue skies, incredible canyonscapes, and fantastic fishing all year round, then you can’t go wrong by visiting Glenwood Spring.

The place is renowned for its fishing action in virtually any season, even in winter, and the naturally sunny weather makes your trip a real highlight of the year. In particular, you’ll want to watch out for the trout, because rivers are full of them.

Location 2 – Traverse City, Michigan

Lake Michigan is home to some of the most incredible fish that the United States has to offer, and you’ll find plenty of salmon and steelhead in the area.

Of course, the diverse collection of natural lakes are filled with trout, panfish, bass, and more – so you can fish this location in any season and you’ll be sure to have an incredible experience. What’s more, the area is an excellent place for many additional outdoor activities such as hunting, skiing, and hiking.

Location 3 – Nantucket, Massachusettsdolly varden fishing

For well over 300 years Nantucket has been famous for its fishing, and as the first colonial whaling port, it’s long been one of the best fishing locations to visit.

If you’re a serious fisherman, then you’re going to be thrilled with some of the catches you are likely to find in this environment. It’s often best to visit sometime in the summer, but equally, the season between April and November are likely to be a profitable venture if you’re looking for a fishing experience of a lifetime.

Location 4 – Kenai River, Alaska

The Kenai River is arguably one of the best places to fish in the World, not just the US. Many species of fish like rainbow trout, dolly varden, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, and lake trout can be readily caught here. The river can be a little overwhelming for the novice, so hiring a local Kenai River fishing guide is highly recommended. If you make the trip up there, try and go during the rainbow trout or salmon runs and you are almost guaranteed lifetime memories.

Location 5 – Guntersville, Alabama

When it comes to catching bass, there’s no place quite like Guntersville, AL – and it’s even home to many professional bass tournaments, which just goes to show its popularity.

Additionally, the climate is fairly mild, although the weather can get very hot in summer. So it’s a great place for a vacation in general, but especially if you are looking for a true fishing adventure.


Overall, it’s easy to say that the United States has dozens of fantastic fishing locations – and this guide has only presented the tip of the iceberg in regards to great places you can fish if you’re willing to explore.

Things To Do At Llano River Camp

Llano River Camp is a popular tourist destination, which offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities for couples, group or the entire family. Llano River is known as a jewel of the Texas Hill flyaustin4Country. You will enjoy a handful of activities while you also embrace a relaxing vibe.

Here are the top activities you can do when you visit Llano River Camp. Be sure to take note!

1. Fishing – Fishing is the most popular recreational activity you can do in Llano River. The place offers the perfect warm water that is suitable for fishing a variety of fish species. You can catch sunfish, Rio Grande Cichlids, Largemounth Bass and Guadalupe Bass. This spot is least spoiled by the development of the place so you can still enjoy this natural resource to the fullest. You can do fishing by canoe or raft or kayak where you can cover a wide area of water. There are a number of access points in Llano River where you can drop off. There are a number of business stations too where you can eat or stay.

2. Camping – at Llano River Camp, camping is also a very desirable activity. There are a lot of campsites to choose from (fifty six to be exact). These campsites are complete with water and electricity for your convenience. There is also a playground where kids can enjoy an afternoon playtime. You can enjoy a campfire with your buddies and experience a lot of adventures as you discover things by yourself!

3. Hiking – There is a two-mile hiking trail where you can hike along the river bottom. If you want to take it a little farther, take the eighteen-mile hike at Walter Buck State Wildlife Management Area.

4. Mountain Biking – If you are a biker, then Llano offers a mountain biking trail of 2-miles along the South Llano State miles. This is certainly an enjoyable biking trip for you and your best buds!

THCBikeTour5. Scenic Drives – Go for a road trip! There are various scenic drives perfect for picture taking and sightseeing. Check out U.S 377 southwest. It journeys along the South Llano River.

These are just among the most popular outdoor activities you can do in Llano River Camp. Plan your summer vacation as early as now and check the possible activities you’d like to do. You can surely customize your vacation can pick the best activities that you’d want to do. Make sure you take note of the following tips:

1. Check Your Options – Make sure to check your options. It is important that you compare the prices offered by Travel Agencies for you to get the best deals. You can get lower prices during low season. These destinations are also less crowded during the low season so consider booking during this time.

2. Book In Advance – To get better deals, book in advance. You can also get discounts if you
book in groups.

3. Prepare Your Outfits – Make sure you wear appropriate outfits during the trip. Prepare everything for everyone.

114. Save for Emergency – Make sure you prepared extra money for your trip. Emergencies can come unexpectedly hence you need be ready for whatever that may happen.

These are just some of the noteworthy tips that will help you have a hassle-free and fun Llano River Vacation. So, are you ready to visit Llano River? Gear up and be ready!

Bass Fishing in 95 DEGREE Water?!?! ABSURD Power Plant Lake in Texas

Bass Fishing in 95 DEGREE Water?!?! ABSURD Power Plant Lake in Texas

Bass fishing in a freaking HOT TUB!!! Before today, the warmest water I had ever fished was in the mid-low 80s… Fishing with LakeForkGuy, we tackled a power plant lake in Texas with water temps that nearly reached 100 degrees!!! One would think boiling hot water would completely shut down the bass bite, but amazingly, that was not the case. However, these RIDICULOUS water temps yielded another challenge, an obstacle that made it nearly impossible for us to land these chunky bass…

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LakeForkGuy’s channel –


Scale Used: ReelSonar Digital Scale (Ad)

Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:
-Favorite Big Sexy Rod 7’0″ MH/fast (Ad)
-Favorite Rush Series Rod 7’0″ MH/fast (Ad)

-Football Jig from LFG (1/2 ounce)
-SK Ragecraw Trailer
-Rapala DT 16 Crankbait (shad)
-SK 5XD Crankbait (Rootbeer)

-Shimano JDM Metanium
-Suffix 832 braid (20 lbs) (Affiliate)
-Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon (20 lbs) (Affiliate)

-TD Zillion Type R
-Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon (14 lbs) (Affiliate)


Location: Power Plant Lake in Texas
Date: November 2nd, 2016
Primary Pattern: Cranking rip rap in 8-12 Fow
Time Fished: 2:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Air Temp: High 85 degrees
Water Temp: 88-95 degrees (depending on distance from Power Plant)
Water Clarity: 12-20 inches
Conditions: Mostly cloudy with winds from the SE up to 17 mph


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Camera Gear:

Gopro Hero 4 silver (first person filming)
External audio
Skeleton housing
Chest Mount
Must have GoPro Accessories
MicroSD card
Additional Batteries

Portable Tripod
Camera Bag
Lens Cleaning Kit

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42 in Texas Big Bull Redfish and Slot Redfish | Surf Fishing | Texas Fishing | Galveston Fishing

42 in Texas Big Bull Redfish and Slot Redfish | Surf Fishing | Texas Fishing | Galveston Fishing

Surf Fishing | Surf Casting Fishing Big bull Redfish | Texas Fishing | Galveston Fishing. 9 to 5, wake up, coffee, work Monday through Friday 40 plus hours, 48 hours of personal time. After all the hustle and bustle, this is the remedy, FISHING. We decided to head to the beach and fish the surf for redfish. Homeboy and I caught these big red drum at san luis pass the galveston beach side. The first bull redfish was caught on cut bait whiting that was caught on pink shrimp fishbites. Man, gotta love fishbites and whiting. It took about 10 min to reel in due to the distance of the cast. The redfish was released.

The 2nd redfish was caught on live finger mullet and was harvested.

Gear used
Rod 12ft Ocean Master
Reel: Daiwa Saltist

fishbites shrimp

Brock Berrigan – Chillhop Essentials
Jimmy Square – clearsky

texas fishing
fishbites bait
big redfish caught

what the heck does this to a fish? TEXAS WADE FISHING

what the heck does this to a fish? TEXAS WADE FISHING

Texas wade fishing in the flats inshore for speckled trout and redfish. Hopped in the boat and zoomed to the flat. Target flat has turtle grass (which I’m sure you will hear 100x in this video) with scattered sand pocket. This flat is also adjacent to a deeper area of the bay in aransas pass, port aransas, redfish bay area.

Original gameplan was to hop into the water and look for bait and signs of fish. Saw some larger bait (mullet) early and headed over to them with no success, then found then I found the line of shallow turtle grass that had a bit of current flowing over it. I thought fish might hang out on the down current side waiting for bait or crustaceans and a few fish were. We actually moved to a deeper hole after this video ended and caught about 30 more fish, a lot of 13-15’s but a handful of 18+’s as well.

Also had a great day beach fishing recently at the surf but I accidentally deleted all the footage. Was a sad day.

Gear (amazon affiliate)
Rod 7’6:
Wading boots:

Texas Bass fishing in February

Texas Bass fishing in February

Fun first weekend down here in Texas. Was able to fish a couple lakes with some fellow kayaker fisherman and catch a few good ones. Water temps were in the low 60’s and it seemed that most of this fish were still in pre spawn patterns and hadn’t fully committed to the shallows. All of my bites were on the inside turn or bend leading of coves. Can’t wait to get back out this weekend!

My Kayak –

Z Man Chatterbait –
Hack Attack Jig –

My Kayak Tacklebox –
Werner Kalliste Paddle –
Lifevest –
Fish Finder –
Kayak Cart –
Rod Rack –
Pliers –

GoPro 4 Black (rear cam/chesty) –
GoPro 3+ Silver (front cam) –
iPhone 6+ (HD shots) –
Memory Card –

GoPro Chest Mount –
GoPro Front Kayak Mount –
GoPro Rear Custom Mount –
iPhone Waterproof Case –
Tripod for GoPro/iPhone –

Rack and Bed cover –
Rod Pods –

Music credit
[No Copyright Music] Rock Angel – Joakim Karud
Say My Name (feat. Zyra)(Max Liese Remix)


Texas Rigging in Summer | Bass Fishing

Texas Rigging in Summer | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to fish Texas rigged baits in summer for big bass.

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GIANT Bass on frogs +getting kicked out of ponds!! (Texas fishing)

GIANT Bass on frogs +getting kicked out of ponds!! (Texas fishing)

Giant bass fishing on topwater frogs until we got kicked out… Texas fishing

So today we decided to go golf course pond fishing for big bass here in texas. We had seen several reviews online on this pond, so we assumed we were fishing a public pond. We fished for a few hours and had a great day of bass fishing. Until… a club member came up to us and told us we were trespassing private property. This surprised us, and we were obviously forced to leave the best bass fishing pond i have fished in my life. Not only were there plenty of fish stocked, but there were GIANT bass as well.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the hook-set on camera, but here you will witness me catching my personal best bass on a popping frog, then getting kicked out right after.

Lures Used:
-Throwback lures popping frog

Rod/Reel/Line used:
Shimano curado 70 HG (7.3:1) on a kistler Helium3 7′ 3″ heavy x-tra fast rod, and 40 lb Seaguar flippin’ braid

Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 4 silver
Chest Mount
Portable Tripod


Location: Golf course pond in katy Texas (Texas fishing)

Date: June 30, 2016
Primary Pattern: Throwing frogs along the bank for giant bass
Time Fished: 10:00 A.M- 12:00 P.M
Air Temp: 97 degrees
Conditions: Mostly sunny skies

Tiny Urban Creek Fishing In Dallas Texas

Tiny Urban Creek Fishing In Dallas Texas

Gear Used..
Creek Rod —
Creek Reel —
Line —
Popper —

Song Artist — iamalex

Fishing conditions:
Sky — Overcast with light sun
Wind – 5-10mph
Water clarity — 4-5ft
Est. Water temp — 77-80oF
Air temp — 85oF

Creek fishing game strong today. Love cranking some mini toads in skinny water. Hope you guys enjoyed and be sure to let a homie if you’re digging the creek mission vids! Keep fishing!
–Young Plugg

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Found a NEW Pond In Texas!

Found a NEW Pond In Texas!

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Rod —
Line –
Lure —

Song by — Radio Juicy

Thanks for the love and support this month, looking forward to doing many more pond hopping vids in the near future!
–Young Plugg

What I film with…
Drone —
Camera —
Lens —
GoPro —
BIG SHINY Camera —

My Other Gear…
Computer —
Editing software —
Mic —
Camera Case —
Backpack —

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